Friday, June 27, 2008

The "Heart of Hamilton"

I missed Channel 2's "Dine on a Dime" story, but it seems that Clementine's continues to give Hamilton good press:
Can you feel the Heart of Hamilton. This is the town I use to go get my vaccum cleaner fixed or go to church at St. Dominic’s.

Or get confused as to where the old Hacienda Restaurant was…was it on Harford Road or Bel Air Road. The answer is at the bottom. If you haven’t visited this part of town in a while, it’s starting to grow up like Canton.

Believe me when I say that. It doesn’t take buildings, it takes people to build a community. Right there on Harford Road you now have Chameleon Café, Alabama B-BQ, Brewers Art and Big Bad Wolf’s House of Barbeque, and here’s a new restaurant that won’t blow your house down or destroy your budget.

It is the two week old Clementine’s. Winston Blick and his wife Cristin opened this place, three blocks from their home. Winston, or Winnie use to run the Sobo Café and before that McCaferty’s in Mt. Washington.

This is his first time owning his own place. The place is packed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is all locals…all your neighbors. You will go inside and within 3 minutes you will know someone you haven’t seen in 15 years.

The prices are very reasonable and you will see many families coming in to dine. Any place that sells Stewarts Root Beer is a place you want to visit. Hacienda was on Bel Air Road.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I believe in dog, do you?

Although this reaches way outside of Westfield, I think our dog-lovers might be interested in this good cause. I'm incredibly fortunate in that a co-worker of mine spends many hours helping out with the local SPCA -- the foster pups she often brings to work with her have gotten me through many a rough day. So I'm pleased to be able to let all you dog lovers out there know about a great way to help dog rescue programs around the country -- and get some pretty cool dog paraphernalia. Because goodness knows, our dogs just don't have enough "stuff," do they?

For the month of June, I Believe in Dog will donate 40 percent of the profit from every purchase to the Prince George's County (MD) SPCA. Yes, 40 percent! Each month, the proceeds are donated to a different dog rescue group around the country. Other recipients have included FOR Greyhounds, Fort Collins, CO; Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League; Husky Haven, Inc., Houston TX; Collie Rescue, Inc., Chantilly, VA; Westie rescue, Inc., Bluemont, VA; Duchess County SPCA, Hyde Park, NY. Here's the complete list of recipients.

So, check out I Believe in Dog, and get your 4-footed canine best-friend/co-worker/ companion/ protector/hoovering beast of burden something special today -- and help other dogs in need. Fritz (a former SPCA dog himself) highly endorses this good cause!