Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bring back the HAC!

Sure, it's technically not in Westfield, but the Hamilton Arts Collective is a great thing to have down Harford Road. I've seen some hilarious improv shows there, as well as terrific artwork in the gallery. Unfortunately, the building in which these events take place was shut down last December for fire code violations. From the blog BMore Tunes:
The Hamilton Arts Collective is coming back. The art and performance space was shut down in December for fire code violations, but managing director Stephen Thomas has a plan. The collective needs to raise $25,000 to put the performance space on the second floor and the art space on the first floor, and make other repairs. They are looking for a lot of help, with donations, planning fund raisers and grant writing.
In addition to these volunteer efforts the HAC has announced a benefit show on April 6:

The super-awesome folks at The 2640 Space have graciously offered to host a benefit show on behalf of the HAC!

Here's the lineup:
3:30pm doors
4pm: Baltimore Improv Group
5pm: Complimentary food is served!
6pm: live music with OFM
7pm: live music with Mongoloidian Glow
8pm: live music with Bad Liquor Pond

ADMISSION: Sliding scale of $10 - $25
Discounts available...check out the details here!
All proceeds go towards the renovation efforts at the Hamilton Arts Collective.

St. Johns United Methodist Church Hall
2640 St. Paul St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

Friday, March 21, 2008

Send yer positive energy

Harford Road Hon blogger and chronicler of New Year's Eve, Scepter66, is feeling under the weather. Be sure to send out your most powerful positive vibes in his general blogospheric direction.

On a bicycle built for ... you?

Earth Day is just a month away, on April 22, 2008. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in any way you can. If you don't want to volunteer, you can always plant a tree, or at the very least, ride a bike!

A cool blog I just discovered is Baltimore Spokes, which -- as the name implies -- is focused on bicycling in Baltimore. I must admit, I don't do much riding up and down Harford Road, but I have seen some brave souls attempting to maneuver the traffic. And really, there's no reason why our neighborhood shouldn't be more bike-friendly.

As gas prices continue to rise, it might be time to get the 'ol Hello Kitty bike out of the basement and take her for a spin again.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Dance for Democracy

Sorry I didn't see this earlier, I know it's short notice. But if you're in the mood to put on your dancin' shoes tonight, here's a great cause.