Tuesday, January 1, 2008

H a p p y N e w Y e a r

As we usually do, my wife and i stayed home for new years eve. had our usual feast of shrimp and buffalo wings, and tried to keep our sanity while worrying about our kids out celebrating. They lost interest in our quiet little evening home years ago. We decided to take a late night walk with the new puppy and see what was going on in our neighborhood for the new year. It seems that it's rather quiet on these streets on new years eve. It appeared that most of our neighbors stay home as well and many in bed already. It was nice to have the usual fireworks displays going off all around us and then back to a peaceful evening. Even Valentinos seemes rather slow. but i guess they get busy when the bars close.
HAPPY NEW YEAR , everyone. may 2008 bring us all and our neighborhood of westfield good fortune.


Sue J said...

Hey bro -- Happy New Year!

We want to see a picture of the puppy!

Thanks for the pictures of peaceful Westfield.

love ya
Laura & Sue

scepter66 said...

hey, did anyone notice, that is a guy on his knees talking on his cell phone in photo #3. i noticed him on the corner near the shamrock, i think while i was driving by. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh the Humanity...!!!