Friday, December 28, 2007

1/1/2008 UPDATE: Westfield Falls: The New Neighborhood Water Feature!

Update? Are you kidding? Of course there's no update! We keep calling, they keep telling us it's "in the system." We keep reporting it at 311 online, the request keeps getting posted as "closed." Hey -- where can I get one of those "I love city life" bumper stickers? Not.

Tomorrow (Saturday) will mark one full week of the newest feature of our neighborhood: The Westfield Falls, located at the intersection of Christopher and Richard Avenues. Refusing to be swayed by mere citizen complaint, the City of Baltimore has done nothing to fix the flow of water through our streets, despite daily calls by the residents.

We're thinking about selling tickets ....

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Just taking a moment to wish anyone and everyone stopping by our lttle blog
have a nice day

Sunday, December 23, 2007

chameleon cafe experience

Hello all, i remember a while back we had a thread going about places to eat in the neighborhood. i don't remember if anyone had mentioned the chameleon cafe or not. i have heard a few good reports from some neighbors and have been trying to get a chance to try out a meal there. I finally got my chance thursday evening after a very long day of christmas shopping. I was very impressed to find such a classy yet quaint place in our neighborhood. quite a gourmet menu, however limited. i never thought i would ever be in a place that served escargot, being the proletarian that i am. interesting and wide-ranging wine list, as well as other libations and aperitifs. it's a cute and quiet place with an interesting yet abstruse theme as far as the framed art goes. my only complaint would be that, however delicious our food was, the portions were very small and the prices were rather high, but i guess thats the cost of quality and atmosphere. i suggest everyone try it out. it's comforting and reassuring to have a classy little place like this on our main road. it would be a shame if they closed.

also they have a website

does anybody else have anything to add?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Welcome our newest contributor ... Whitecat!

This blog is meant to be a communal effort, so I am happy to report that we have added another neighborhood contributor to our ranks: Whitecat. I look forward to some interesting posts from this one, I'll tell ya! This is a fine addition to our other contributors, scepter66 and Krazy Kat, and someday we hope even Christopher Curmudgeon will get off his grumpy high horse and send us a post.

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