Sunday, December 23, 2007

chameleon cafe experience

Hello all, i remember a while back we had a thread going about places to eat in the neighborhood. i don't remember if anyone had mentioned the chameleon cafe or not. i have heard a few good reports from some neighbors and have been trying to get a chance to try out a meal there. I finally got my chance thursday evening after a very long day of christmas shopping. I was very impressed to find such a classy yet quaint place in our neighborhood. quite a gourmet menu, however limited. i never thought i would ever be in a place that served escargot, being the proletarian that i am. interesting and wide-ranging wine list, as well as other libations and aperitifs. it's a cute and quiet place with an interesting yet abstruse theme as far as the framed art goes. my only complaint would be that, however delicious our food was, the portions were very small and the prices were rather high, but i guess thats the cost of quality and atmosphere. i suggest everyone try it out. it's comforting and reassuring to have a classy little place like this on our main road. it would be a shame if they closed.

also they have a website

does anybody else have anything to add?


Sue J said...

I think you're spot on about the portion size and price. We've been there once or twice for a special occasion, and I am very glad that we have an "upscale" place in the neighborhood.

But I still love Koco's cheeseburgers the best ...

krazy kat said...

As much as I also love Koco's, The Chameleon Cafe is a favorite spot of the Curmudgeon and myself. Just to let everyone know, Wednesdays @ Chameleon is 1/2 price wine night. We hope everyone tries this lovely spot. They used to send you a free entree certificate on your birthday. I'm not sure they still do, but I'm going this Wendnesday and will update then. PEACE OUT