Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Got yer tree, Hon?

I figured I'd better get a post up here, 'lest you think we're hunkering down over the whole "Hon-troversy" !

We still need to get a Christmas tree and I'm thinking about going to Walther Gardens, because I do like to support the local business folks. We always go there for our spring and summer plants, and I imagine its hard to run a greenhouse in December, so ...

How about you? Do you have a tree? Are you ready for Christmas?

Meanwhile, it sounds like we might get some of that white stuff Sunday night or Monday, so be prepared -- which means more than beer/merlot and bread, right? It means put gas in the car, have fresh batteries on hand, know where your snow shovel is, and have enough food on hand to stay put for a couple of days.  One would think we'd all learned our lesson last year, but how quickly we forget!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hamilton's got the blues! (And that's a good thing!)

I do tend to stick to my routine (some may call it a "rut"), and therefore I have never eaten anything from "Chef Mac's Louisiana Cuisine". (Because I always think of the place only when I am already on my way in the door to Koco's!).  But I will definitely be giving it a try soon, because he's moved further north to the space previously used by The Parkside (and before that by the infamous Cameo!).

And while I will never lose my love for the Koco's cheeseburger and Blue Moon dinner, Chef Mac's might be a nice change of pace, given that he's offering a venue for music. According to Hamilton-Lauraville Mainstreet News, they're serving blues along with the Cajun BBQ sandwiches:
Chef Mac’s & All That Blues
4709 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214

December 10 & 11, 2010
Enjoy a Louisiana style buffet and blues party with

Clarence “Bluesman” Turner

Tickets - $20
Buffet begins 7 PM - BYOB
Show begins 8 PM

Call 410.319.6227 for information

Anyone going?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Friday events (and more!)

The First Friday of December is always a busy time here in our neck of the woods. This year is no different. The season of celebration is officially on, with Hanukkah beginning today, Winter Solstice nearing, and Christmas on the horizon. So get ready, there are plenty of events just waiting for you to show up!

Lighting of the Washington Monument

Thursday December 2
5:00 pm
Mount Vernon Place

First Friday in Hamilton

Friday December 3

Hamilton Gallery: First Friday Unbelievably Cool Event!
5:00 pm
5502 Harford Road

Studio 55
open 'til 8 pm
5529 Harford Road

Charmed Life Studio
open 'til 8 pm
4505 Harford Road

And of course, Happy Hour Specials along the way. Stop in at
Hamilton Tavern
Los Amigos

For more on the events of the weekend (which includes a visit from a chubby man in a red suit), check out the Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street News.