Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Great Soul Wellness Studio to Open on Harford Road

Great news for Hamilton, and hopefully the start of a renaissance for Harford Road -- all the way to Westfield! What had been a blight on the neighborhood is now brimming with positive energy. In the space of the old Cameo, several local entrepreneurs are opening the Great Soul Wellness Studio.

From their Mission statement:
The services offered promote healthy living through natural healing, stress reduction, and exercise. The environment will be welcoming and provide a safe and comfortable get-away that will encourage community-building for individuals and families.
Activities will include classes in yoga, tai chi/qi gong, meditation, and dance. Wellness options will include acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, and shamanic healing.

Great Soul will be having an open house this Saturday, February 9 from 3 - 6 pm. They are located at 4711 Harford Rd, 2nd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21214 (410-254-2786).

Let's support this venture, and hope that's it's just the beginning of many more good things to come!


gabbym said...

I have taken quite a few classes here and I really like this place. However, I do not feel that all of the teachers are experts in their field or professional. I found that some of the teachers that work with or babysit the children are sketchy and after awhile I did not want to have them watch my kids or have my kids participate in the classes that they taught.

Anonymous said...

Great Soul celebrated its first year on February 9th. We are excited that we are now over a year into the business and growing every day. We are proud to announce the we have settled into a great group of wonderfully talented teachers who are very experienced and love our community. We no longer offer babysitting. As for our kids teachers, they are all new teachers and some of them are school teachers during the day and some have strong reputations working in community, so check us out!

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