Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A glimmer of hope regarding ChokChai?

File under complete speculation:
At the end of February, I spoke to the owner of ChokChai, who told me he was hoping to open in a week, pending some issues with BGE being worked out. Obviously to those who have been paying attention to our local Thai eatery, this has not happened. Today however, there was extensive BGE work going on just outside ChokChai's new location. The entire street was dug up. Again, just speculation, but I had all but given up hope. 


Sue J said...

Thanks for the update, David! I've been in complete ChokChai withdrawal -- now I have hope!

Sue J said...

I was filling up at the BP across the street yesterday, and noticed that although the "Opening Soon" sign is gone, they now have the old window menus up.

So maybe we'll have some good news soon?

david.m. said...

called chokchai on a whim and got an answer!
The owner said he hopes to open next week.

Sue J said...

Any sign of opening yet?