Friday, April 3, 2009

Have you planted your lettuce yet?

Notice that on the blogroll to the right on this page, I've added a new category of links called "Gardener's Corner." At our house, we're busily planning the spring crops and ornamentals, and I've spoken with many other folks in our neighborhood who are either long-time or first-time gardeners -- all drooling over their seed catalogues. Well, even us "old-timers" know that you can always learn a new trick from another gardener, so I thought I'd pass along these links.

Feel free to suggest other blogs or websites that you think would be interesting to your fellow Harford Hon-ers. First off, I'd suggest you click on over to My B'More Backyard Project, which is a new blog by one of our neighbors down the road in Lauraville. If you don't already have plans to start a garden this year, I'll bet you'll be inspired by the descriptions and photos at Mr. Banks' site.

And remember, even though April in Westfield sometimes feels like nothing more than sump pump season, we need need the rain for our plants! mmmmm! Lettuce!

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