Monday, September 14, 2009

Copters, Copters, Everywhere!

Does anyone have any idea why a police helicopter was flying over our neighborhood for almost 45 minutes on Sunday, September 13th? 'Cause we called the Northeast District to find out and the officer who answered said "I don't know if there's anything going on -- I'm at the desk."



Dave said...

Saw one on my way home from work around 5:30 this evening. From where I was, it looked like it was approximately around Walther and Harford. No idea about yesterday, though.

Rachel said...

Someone jumped off the bridge on Harford Rd and they airlifted them to shock trauma.

Christopher said...

The Monday afternoon one was this:

Shooting/Stabbing| | 3606 White Ave|Officer Invd Shooting of Robbery Suspect - Perp is Down.