Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Almost time to defrost the turkey, hon!

Sorry I've been light on the posting lately. I hope in the meantime you've visited some of the great blogs listed to the right. One of my regular reads is Coconut & Lime, written by one of our neighbors Rachel Rappaport. She is always cooking up something good in the kitchen, and with Thanksgiving coming up, we have the mother of all meals quickly upon us.

There are lots of great recipes over at Coconut & Lime, but this one caught my eye:

Ginger Lime Spiked Cranberry Sauce

And I am very tempted to try this one out on my family in Northern Virginia:

Thanksgiving Sauerkraut

What do you think?


Rr_Salamander said...

Oh man, I'm gonna try that recipe. Thanks!

Rr_Salamander said...

I already left a comment, but I would also like to challenge readers to a meat-free holiday--eating meat tends to be bad for the environment.

Sue J said...

It's hard to go vegetarian at the holidays if you haven't been doing so the rest of the year, but you are absolutely right. Maybe at least we can all try to eat less meat?

Sue J said...

And thanks for stopping by Rr Salamander!