Monday, August 23, 2010


So we had a less than stellar experience the other night when we ordered delivery from a new (to us) place. It took an hour on a week night, and when we called to inquire about the status of the delivery, the woman who answered simply said "All the deliveries are gone" and hung up on us. Guess she doesn't like repeat customers, and we're happy to oblige.

Surely you have a favorite delivery place on those nights when you're just too beat to cook dinner. If you know of someplace that I didn't include on the poll, please let us know.

image by frankstoen


Rachel said...

I have yet to find a delivery place that is good at all in our area. We end up driving to places to get takeout.

falnfenix said...

Midori for sushi, the Chinese place over in the SuperFresh shopping center at Taylor and Harford for GOOD Chinese delivery, Pat's for decent subs, Dominic's for great pizza (hell, they're one of the only places around with salami as a topping!), Mount Everest for something out of the norm.

i've either never heard of or can't stand the other places listed...heh.

Momma C said...

Our go to's are Season's, Olympia (in Parkvilel shopping center) or Papa John's. Not in that order

Sue J said...

We do, too, Rachel. Our favorite "drive to" places Chok Chai and Big Bad Wolf.

For the folks who voted for "Other," please tell us where so we can try them out too! Thanks!

Claude said...

For pizza, it's Giovanna's, a little hole-in-the-wall place on the corner of Harford and Clearview. Olympia...well, it doesn't suck. Dominick's is that dreadful stuff they put on the Easy-Bake Oven chain; you might as well order from Papa John's.

My go-to for Chinese lately has been Fun Wok, on the corner of Belair and Taylor (across from Midori).

Pat's makes a good sub and their wraps are tasty, too. Plus you can order online and customize the hell out of your order. They do charge for delivery, though.

Often overlooked is Mastellone's, which makes incredible Italian subs. I've got a healthy appetite and I'm usually hard-pressed to finish one of their huge meatball subs. They're across from Fenwick Bakery.