Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Just in case anyone else hasn't found out yet, Chokchai thai food restaurant is moving and will be closed for the remainder of the year. The new location is north on Harford road. It is in the corner building where the ice cream parlor used to be. Across the street from the Amoco station and near what used to be Kildaires Tavern, which is now something new too. A steak and seafood place now i think. It looks like the new Chokchai will be a little larger, maybe they will have a nicer dining area. I just hope this doesn't mean that the prices will go up alot.

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Sue J said...

Yikes! I am so glad you told me that -- if I had gone there and found Chok chai closed after the news about Edelweiss, I would have had a fit!

We swung in there last week for a quick dinner of pad thai and masaman curry (with tofu). When you're tired and don't feel like cooking, there's nothing like Chokchai!

I'm glad to hear they are taking over that property up Harford, but am a little surprised. We went in there when it was a coffee shop 2 years or so ago. The owners were nice and the coffee very good, but it was small inside, and parking is not great. They could never get enough traffic in the door to keep it going.

Let's all go to Chokchai when they re-open --please!