Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Edelweiss Bakery closed!

This is awful news for the family that owns the bakery and for the neighborhood. Owner and baker Dietrich A. Paul died two weeks ago of Lou Gehrig's disease, and the family cannot keep the Edelweiss Bakery and Cafe going.

From today's Baltimore Sun:
A few plastic bags of sugar cookies remain on the otherwise bare shelves. A thumbed and stained recipe book rests beside cold ovens. Signs taped to the doors and windows say "Closed."

It's been 12 days since 68-year-old Hamilton baker Dietrich A. Paul died of Lou Gehrig's disease and the doors were locked on his Edelweiss Bakery and Cafe. No more German accordion music, Thursday afternoon sour beef and dumplings sessions and those legendary apple fritters, a confection one food writer called "a misshapen bear claw of bliss."

Seated on a wooden chair yesterday in the cafe was Paul's widow, the former Genevieve Miller. She had converted one of the tables into a desk and filled it with business papers.

"I can't run this place by myself," she said. "The place is for sale."

She then told a story of how they met just across the street at the Calvary Tabernacle Church at a time when both had been widowed. They married nine years ago, and soon afterward their pastor suggested that they buy and renovate a nearby building where the 6000 block of Harford Road joins Old Harford Road.


krazy kat said...

I am so so saddened to hear about the passing of Mr. Paul of Edelweiss Bakery. The Paul family and Edelweiss were such a wonderful boon to our neighborhood. I have so many fond memories of walking to the bakery on Saturday to get desserts for the weekend (the only time I will allow myself such an indulgence). I bought every office birthday cake there, pies for my family gatherings, apple fritters... I was so excited to see such a great business for our area. It sure lived up to my expectations. They were wonderful. Not only the Pauls' baked goods, but the general family feel they exuded when you walked in. It was such a comfortable place. I am so sorry for the family and Mrs. Paul. I want to thank them for making our neighborhood a better place and we are a better community having known them. I will miss Mr. Paul and Edelweiss bakery greatly.

scepter66 said...

that is such a shame! it seems that edelweiss was such a nice place to have in the neighborhood. unfortunately i never took the time to go in except for once when they firsr opened. i kept meaning to go back , but just seemed to keep forgetting. it is a beautiful bulding and a good respectable business. i hope someone who is able to keep it open is able to buy the business. i just recently heard about their sour beef but hadn't made it over there to try it.

Sue J said...

The food was wonderful, and the family was so nice. It is really is such a great loss.

stoney said...

I will always have found memories of going to the Edleweiss on the days that a group from our German community met there. There was aroma of sour beeef and the music of a jovial accordion with loud singing.

Alas, Now where will I go for the worlds best marshmallow cream doughnuts...?

Many blessings to the Paul Family. Thank You

liv612 said...

Hi, I justed moved into the neighborhood in December. I'm still feeling things out. Anyone know what is going to happen with the bakery? I am only a few block away and would love if it would stay a cafe.