Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hamilton Tavern open for business!

Okay, so it's not technically in Westfield, but it is on Harford Road, after all. And I hope that supporting this surge of new restaurants and interesting businesses along Harford Road could mean they continue to creep up our way.

They don't have a website up yet, but the reviews from ChowHound sound positive:
"Food was outstanding - some unique items on menu - fried dill pickles - wonderful -
The burger was outstanding cooked perfectly - spend the extra money and add a fried egg and or bacon to it - you will not be disappointed. We had the veggie pita which was so tasty - Though we did not have- we heard great comments about the steamed shrimp and mussels. Be sure and ask about specials - I had the gazpacho and it was truly the finest I have ever had anywhere ! - Also had a peach cobbler special - it was to die for ---- We will be back soon and often!! --"
So far, their hours are:

Friday and Saturday 4:30 pm to 2 am
Sunday 4:30 till... Brunch coming in September!
Monday 4:30 till
Tuesday... CLOSED

Peach cobbler -- to die for? Has anyone else eaten there yet?
Weds and Thurs 4:30 til


Kristin said...

We went there last night and the food was pretty good, but the real selling points for Hamilton Tavern were the atmosphere and the decent selection of beer on tap. We'll definitely be back. (I recommend the fried pickle chips and the burger, by the way.)

We've noticed much more crime in the area by our house, and have been threatening to move out of the area because of it. However, when there are trendy new businesses popping up so close by, it gives us hope that just maybe things are looking up for Hamilton/Westfield.

Speaking of, does anyone know of any more plans for new restaurants/bars/shopping in the area?

Sue J said...

There's a new coffee shop/ice cream parlor opening up just south of Moravia, where the antique store was.

It's called "Grind On" (it's at the corner of Harford & Grindon Ave). I have no idea about the opening date, but it looks like they're close to finishing work inside.

Kristin said...

Oh cool! I can't wait for that to open! Thanks for the info. :)

Nikki Valiant said...

The food at the Hamilton Tavern is pretty great. Wonderful atmosphere, too. I have a review over at http://eatdrinkrocklive.blogspot.com/

A "fifties" style diner is also in the works directly across from the Hamilton Tavern on Harford Road where the Golden Key used to be. The Parkside Inn is also about to open on Harford, just north of Moravia and the McDonalds.

So yeah, lots of excitement in the neighborhood.

Sue J said...

I finally made it to Hamilton Tavern last night!

I would agree -- the food was excellent. I also enjoyed the "Albino Python White Ale." At least I THINK that's what it was called -- The one drawback of this place is that it is LOUD. The walls and the ceiling and the floor -- all beautiful, but nothing absorbs the sound. So it's loud, and then everyone talks louder because their dinner mate can't hear them.

I'll definitely go back for the food and the beer, but maybe when it's not so crowded -- and hopefully not so loud!

liv612 said...

My fiance and I went to dinner at the Hamilton Tavern last night. We ended up there after finding Alabama BBQ "out of food" as the girl behind the counter so elequently put it! We were expecting standard bar food but from the moment we walked in the door we knew we were in for something far greater! We had the open faced turkey sandwich which had some delicious stuffing and the root vegetable platter which although small was delicious! Kudos to the homemade onion rings as well!

We are new to the area and have been looking to try new places. We'll have to go back to Alabama BBQ sometime soon as the lingering odors of the long gone food was to die for.

Sue J said...

Welcome to the area liv612!

Big Bad Wolf is another great BBQ place on Harford Road, north of Hamilton Tavern. I'm not enough of a BBQ devote to know all the differences between the two styles, but Big Bad Wolf has always been excellent, IMHO.