Monday, August 4, 2008

Spray Paint all over Westfield- A good thing?

Does anyone know why there is so much spray paint marking up Harford road from Northern Parkway to  Hamilton Center? Could it be the Harford road improvements to our south and north are finally coming our way? Anyone know? 


Sue J said...

Hey Dave -- at first I though you meant graffiti spray paint -- NOT a good thing!

But yeah, I know what you mean: spray paint across crosswalks, etc. A long time ago Curran was at a WNIA meeting and said he was going to be taking a tour of Harford Road to see where repairs needed to be made -- maybe that's it?

Anonymous said...

I talked to the project manager today. He said we were in for resurfacing, manhole replacement, and new handicap ramps at the sidewalks. In his words, "none of the sexy stuff done further down harford rd".