Thursday, January 8, 2009

$40,000 for Handmade Rugs?

I'm all for style, but this story in yesterday's Baltimore Sun is pretty unbelievable, given the state of our economy:
Fancy new threads for State House

From its new perch on the wall of an ornate State House meeting room, the recently unveiled portrait of former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. can finally gaze down on the $37,500 rug he ordered in early 2006.

The handmade custom piece from India - featuring an 8-foot-in-diameter replica of the Maryland seal - is one of several lush touches to a $10 million renovation receiving its de facto unveiling today. Less visible will be the rich red fabric that covers faded wallpaper in Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller's inner office - part of a separate $10,000 job paid for with Senate funds, according to Miller's chief of staff, Vicki Gruber.
As a furloughed State employee, maybe I'll take road trip on one of those days when I don't get paid, and go look at the "lush touches to a $10 million renovation." It's o.k. that State employees don't get paid, as long as our politicians can enjoy "lush" accommodations ....

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