Monday, February 16, 2009

Glenoak Murder: No Leads?

Thanks to Harford Road Hon Heather for posting the story over the weekend about the terrible events of this last week. So far, there hasn't been much news coverage, and as time goes on, it will become even less interesting to the media, I'm afraid. There is one mention of this murder in today's Baltimore Sun, but I have a feeling the reporters are ready to move on to the next crime scene:
Neighbors were still reeling from the death of Daniel Lee Hoeck, a recipient of two Purple Hearts and identified by police yesterday as the man found fatally stabbed in his home Thursday afternoon. On his street, he was known as "Mr. Dan," a friendly man who could often be seen taking walks and feeding neighbors' dogs but who in recent years had been less visible as his health declined.
There has been discussion on the Westfield Wire about getting the word out to the neighborhood about the crime, and how to help police solve the crime. Last summer there were several shootings in the Federal Hill neighborhood. You had better believe those residents gave the police an earful and talked to reporters about it. I don't know if those crimes were eventually solved, but they sure had a lot more police officers patrolling the area as a result of the neighborhood involvement.

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Krulos said...

Fredrick Daum is the Homicide Detective investigating the case, his number is 443-452-8385. If anyone has any info they should contact him.

The sun was surprisingly quiet on the subject. WBAL had an article earlier:

There was a post on the Nogli-news message board about it as well with details about the detective to contact but the post got hidden in a thread about recycling (see the fourth post for details):

Hopefully, they'll get more police in the Northeast district, we've had nearly a third of the homicides in the City so far in 2009.

Hopefully they'll solve this and the others soon, I've heard of far too many crimes in the area recently...

Sue J said...

Thanks for the updates and the info, Krulos!

TNBaer said...

It's amazing to me that the crime map ( lists this as an assualt. Homicide isn't even an option.