Friday, February 27, 2009

Good News from down the Road, Hon!

From a great local blog, Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street News, comes this story:
Reading Grant Awarded to Red Canoe Bookstore

Red Canoe is pleased to announce the award of a grant from Parks and People. The purpose of the grant is to spend a year reading with a diverse group of middle school age children from the Lauraville and Belair Edison corridors. During the spring, summer and fall participants will meet once a week to read in Herring Run Park.

And there is more! The grant covers the cost of showing in the park the movie made from the book and it covers the cost of the soda and pizza to munch on while watching the movie. With the colder weather, the movies will be shown at the 4321 Harford Road movie house.

The Red Canoe's mission has always been to bring the power of literacy to building community. The award of this grant is fundamental to the goals of partnering children with the good stewardship of the great community resource that Herring Run Park is, as well as developing a genuine love of reading.

For more information, please contact Nicole at:

Red Canoe Bookstore Cafe
Well done, Red Canoe!

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