Sunday, February 7, 2010

No more snow! Please!

So, it's almost 5 pm on Sunday -- have you seen a plow yet?

Westfield? or Switzerland?

Here are a couple of shots from Robert:

If you have photos you'd like to share, send me an email. Thanks Robert!


falnfenix said...

city side of Overlea has yet to see a plow. supposedly a frontloader went by a little while ago, so maybe we'll get out by tomorrow.

Stacy said...

Your photos are beautiful! I'm enjoying the snow with my dogs, too! We're a bit further down on Westfield Ave. in the Christopher area, and we've not seen a plow yet either. I do believe you can log onto the city website and submit a request-- not that they aren't working on it!

Rr_Salamander said...

As a teacher, I"m happy there are no plows. But, ummmm, outraged, too! Don't we count! I've called 311 and actually been told that the street had already been plowed earlier that day. Untrue.

Stacy said...

Westfield south of Marietta was plowed, but they stopped at Marietta and never came back down from Harford and Old Harford.