Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TV-Free for Me

Dang, yo. Is it safe to admit that I don’t know who Taylor Swift is? I mean, I know she’s prolly just another stage name of Dawn Oregon’s or Hannah Montana’s or whatev, but I’m not really sure who that is neither. I hear she won a Grammy, but I got no TV, so I’m not sure.

Biggest question I get on being TV-free: How do I fill up my evenings?

Well, I don’t want to admit to my Buffy dvd collection (borrowed, but still…), so I usually veer away from that. It’s surprisingly easy to not mention vampire slayers if you don’t wanna go there. So instead I talk about lots of things in my 'hood, like the live music on Tuesdays at the Parkside open mic (holla!), or getting drinks with friends at Hamilton Tavern, or the Tuesday Clementine's Margaritas 'n tacos, or the neighborhood meetings....

I blogged about no TV this week at www.salamanderpoints.com--check it out. Meanwhile, stop by tonight to hear the strummings and the hummings (Matt Beale a.k.a. Patient Zero, above) at the Parkside. Tuesday is the new Friday, and if you miss it, you're missing out!

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Sue J said...

Thanks for the link to the Parkside's page. I've only been to the Parkside once, but really enjoyed it, and I ♥ listening to live music!