Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gang activity: What can we do to stop it in our neighborhood?

There's been a lot of discussion in our neighborhood lately about an increase in gang graffiti. I'm not sure if I would know the difference between generic graffiti and gang grafitti if I saw it. Can anyone tell me what gang graffitti has been spotted?

I found some general information about gangs that might be useful at this University of Maryland site. The sites says:
Report non-emergency information about gangs to the Baltimore City Intelligence Watch Center at 1-888-223-0033.
This would be absolutely horrible if gangs see our neighborhood as an easy place to claim as their territory. But if we don't react to their initial sitings (or markings) I'm sure that's just what they'll do.

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Anonymous said...

The letters BHB stand for Bounty Hunter Bloods, an affiliate of the Bloods (one of the 2 major us gangs). Also spray painted on Westfield Ave are the words Cripkiller, refering to the bloods fued with the crips.
There were (has now been painted over) varios symbols painted on buildings in the alley. Crowns are a commen symbol. So is an x over an arrow. check this page:
Also look for red bandanas coming out the back pocket, or red shoe laces (particulary in only one shoe), and an overall favoring of red clothing.