Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Primary results: Same 'ol, same 'ol

I know a lot of people are simply disillusioned by the current state of politics in Baltimore, but come on people! A 28% voter turnout?! This is not only shameful, but also counterproductive. In the end we have the status quo: Dixon, Rawlings, and Curran.

When I went to our polling place (the Firehouse) at 6 p.m. there was only one other person voting. I asked how the turnout had been: about 215 people all day. This when I hear from fellow citizens how awful they think Dixon is, or how we need an activist like Sarbanes to stand up to her and the O'Malley machine. How did you think anything would change if you didn't bother to go vote?

But rather than become disillusioned by these results, I'm looking at the opportunity to give Curran a run for his money and throw my full support behind the Green Party candidate, Bill Barry. His chances for actually beating Curran in the election? yeah, pretty much nil. But my goal is to give Bobby the message that there are plenty of us out here who are unhappy with him, and that he needs to start serving the entire community. Let's send him the message that we in Westfield need him to respond to our concerns and help us revitalize our neighborhood.

If you're concerned about gangs, prostitutes, empty storefronts, and traffic, please join me in my effort to make Councilman Curran give Westfield a little more attention.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that turnout was bad- And I didnt vote! Why? Not a democrat.

Anonymous said...

And just to be clear, I am no republican either. Registered as an independent, and plan on staying that way. It does pretty much leave me out of city politics though.

Anonymous said...

You're right that it leaves you out of the primaries, but I hope you'll vote in the general election on November 6.

There will be plenty of Green Party and Republican candidates on the ballot then. The best way to change this city from a one-party city is to get out there and campaign for alternatives.