Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wandering the Wilds of Westfield

I was so pleased to see a fox in my backyard early this morning. I used to see one, and in fact I think there was a fox family, before the developer got his crazy idea last year of tearing up the vacant lot on Eunice Avenue. I'm sure when his crew was marking the lot and tramping around they scared off the foxes.

Foxes are skittish, and are afraid of humans, and this one ran as soon as I opened my back door. Although my dog was incensed at the intruder (ran around the yard with his nose to the ground), I am happy to have a fox around. They keep down the rat population, for one thing. Also, it means we have enough foliage to support wildlife. I have also seen a hawk many times, and a blue heron sometimes cruises overhead. (He's probably eyeing the fish and frogs in my pond!)

So if you see the fox, just pause for a moment and observe the beauty and grace of one of God's creatures. And be happy that we live in a neighborhood that is not just concrete and asphalt, but also a little bit of nature.

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scepter66 said...

wildlife i have seen around my westfield avenue abode:
foxes,opossum,hawks,falcon,woodpecker,racoons,turtles,snakes,and since we have started filling the bird feeder many many blue jays, and cardinals. also humming birds love the trumpet vine. the most unusual siting though, was a deer on hillen road near the golf course. sorry to say, it had been struck by a car.