Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Early voting? Maybe next time

You may have heard that there's a Presidential election coming up in a couple of weeks. We don't usually get too political here, so I'll just say it's basically a race between two guys. Again. Hmph.

Anyway, here in Maryland we actually have some other pretty important stuff on the ballot, as well. And you don't want to get caught trying to read the ballot initiatives for the first time -- on the ballot. Two biggies include an initiative to allow early voting in the state of Maryland, as well as to allow slots here.

The Maryland League of Women Voters has an awesome web site with explanations of the pros and cons of these initiatives, as well as information on all the candidates running for all the offices. Click here and then click on "Election 2008 Voters Guides. "

It's important that you get out and vote on these important changes being proposed for our State. No matter how you vote, just vote.

(But seriously, you should vote "no" on the slots thing.)


Anonymous said...

A race between just 2 guys again? I think this election looks a little different then the past ones I remember.

Anonymous said...

but yes, vote yes on early voting.

Sue J said...

Anonymous, yes it does look different, and that is wonderful -- don't get me wrong on that.

But isn't it still a race between 2 guys (again)?

Tim Baer said...

The slots thing is good. The state has raised taxes again and again. Sales tax up 20% this year. We pass slots. The state is still broke. Now they want to raise taxes again, during a recession.

I'm not against slots but, like I told my friends, the thing is a money grab. They will never become fiscally responsible, they'll just keep grabbing the money wherever they can and running the state into the ground.