Monday, August 13, 2007

Campaign 2008: The 3rd District

The Baltimore City Paper recently ran an interesting piece on the upcoming City Council elections, specifically focusing on the 3rd District and Councilman Curran:

Curran isn't just a three-term councilman who now serves as council vice president. He won the seat vacated by his brother, Martin E. “Mike” Curran, who was appointed after their father, J. Joseph Curran Sr., died in 1977. Curran men have been serving the 3rd District — the northeasternmost district in the city, bordered by York Road, Harford Road, and Sinclair Lane — since 1958.
Yikes! If you're like me, a relative newcomer to Hamilton, the Curran dynasty in our district might be news to you, too. There are actually other candidates running for this seat. And I think even if Curran is heavily favored to be reelected, it's important that he not take our votes for granted.

So take a serious look at the other candidate for the Democratic primary, Michael Hamilton, “a former banker and independent businessman who now teaches special education on a contract with the Baltimore City Public School System. For six years, he served as the president of the Baltimore City Council of Parent-Teacher Associations.”

And also look at Green Party candidate (and Lauraville resident) Bill Barry, who will be running against the winner of the Sept. 11 Democratic primary winner.

I have not heard of any Republican candidates. If you know of one, let us know so we can give them equal press here.

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