Thursday, August 16, 2007

If it's dinnertime in Westfield, where can I go?

When it's been a long day and you don't feel like making dinner, where do you like to go? I've become a big fan of Koco's cheeseburgers, and on payday we'll sometimes splurge for the crabcake (which is as big as a softball!).

But we have a lot taverns tucked away along Harford Road, and I wonder if I could get a good cheeseburger even closer to home? After a long commute home, it would be great to walk somewhere for dinner.

We have pizza joints, Thai and Mexican food, and barbecue. What's your favorite? Please leave a comment to share with your neighbors!


Sefton said...

Kokos is the best crabcake in Baltimore.
Chokchai Thai is pretty good, but doesnt compete with higher end Thai found outside of Hamilton.
Los Amigos is not bad either, although portions have seemed to shrink in the last few years.
The Red Canoe is the coolest place in Hamilton. The food is great for a wrap/ sandwhich place and the owners have really made it more of a community center, which is great.
The most undervalued place in Hamilton, however, is Giovanni's on harford road. they have the BEST pizza in baltimore. Closed on sunday and monday because the owners are laways there as far as I know. A great place all around.

PookyShoehorn said...

Where is Giovanni's? Is that the place up by the Tile place?

sefton said...

Giovanni"s is directly across harford rd from the 7-11 .

scepter66 said...

YES , Giovanna's has the best sicilian pizza this side of the pillars of hercules. great deli style sandwiches too.
YES #2 Chokchai is a regular for me and my clan. i would say it is just like grandma's kitchen but she was from Ohio.
Speaking of southern- style i happen to be very partial to Big Bad Wolf barbeque pit.not everything on the menu is fantastic but the ribs, beef brisket, and collards are all beautiful things.
also the new chinese place next to Valentino's, Lucky Star, is pretty good.
I've been browsing in Red Canoe a couple times. cute place and a very interesting menu for the health minded. haven't had the opportunity to try the food yet, but i'm glad to hear some positive "feed-back"

PookyShoehorn said...

Oh, I do love Big Bad Wolf. My personal fave there is the pulled pork sandwich. Put some cole slaw on that sandwich, and man! My mouth is watering at the thought, and it's only 9 a.m.!@