Monday, August 20, 2007

Street renovations north and south: Why not Westfield?

Although it's been a headache during construction, the new Harford Road sidewalks and median strips from Argonne to Echodale will be quite a facelift for that area. And if you've traveled north on Harford Road, you know that Parkville is also getting the same treatment. There's a story about that plan in the North East Reporter, which states this will be a 2 year project.

All this makes me wonder why we got the short end of the stick here. Did we miss an opportunity somewhere to get a facelift? Was this something WNIA should have been more involved in? The number one neighborhood concern in our blog poll was empty storefronts, and until we upgrade our neighborhood, we're going to have a tough time appealing to new businesses.

Please comment.


Anonymous said...

I assumed with renovations to the north and south, they would "fill in the gap" next. guess not.

Anonymous said...

they probably won't do anything unless we demand it.

Anonymous said...

This is a question I have been wondering about also. Where has Curran been regarding our strip of Harford Road? Such a small distance from Bayonne to Northen Parkway. What was the City thinking? What will Westfield become, the strip of storefront churches? We could be called the Holy Land of Hamilton. We need to be more creative than this. We need more places like Edelweiss Bakery, Muellers (I know that's Parkville, but its nearby) and not to mention Mastelone's. This is a great place to be. Let's show it!

Anonymous said...

you people have to stop being anonymous- if you are gonna stand up - than do it ...!

yeah i too hate the sprawling of what is not harford rd. we should rename it Church Street.

So - Im assuming that the pres. of the association needs to step up and actually do something and do it right, from what i here she's a lame duck. NO communication what so ever....
and what about Curran ???? is it too late for anything to actually be done for us.??
and what the heck is going with the newsletter- does it even exsit.....?